2018 State of MS Fatherhood Initiative with partners  Public Housing – U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Development. 

Our Fraternity is in partnership with

President Obama’s White House Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative Program

. Omega Psi Phi Fraternity is charged by the President to lead the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative in the following four areas:

- Raise the Awareness in our Community on the importance of responsible Fatherhood and Mentoring.

- Partnership with local organizations such as the Unity Christian Fellowship (UCF) Youth Development Organization  and other like-minded organizations.

- Give voice to Fathers on the Municipal, state level, and judicial levels. To work with elected official to support the Youth Promise Neighborhood Act and Jobs Act.

- Celebrate Fathers who are doing the right things by their children. Salute Dads who are in their children’s lives. Encourage Men to step-up in the Father’s absence to serve a vital role in the lives of our children as Mentors and Coaches to nurture, guide, and counsel and communicate with our children to win the future.